Epic Games and Midway have announced that the PC version of their highly-anticipated FPS Unreal Tournament 3 has gone gold.

The game is currently scheduled for a North American release on November 19, priced at $49.95 for the standard version and $59.95 for the collector’s edition. A planned imageversion will be following soon, with an Xbox 360 release planned for later in 2008.

Unreal Tournament 3 will utilize Epic’s latest Unreal Engine 3 technology in either online multiplayer combat or single-player action against high-level AI enemies. The powerful Unreal Engine 3 has won the Front Line Best Game Engine award three times consecutively from Game Developer magazine.

Speaking of the PlayStation 3 build of the game, Epic’s Mark Rein claimed it will match up nicely with the PC version in both visuals and performance. “I was playing the PS3 build for a few hours tonight and it is really, really fantastic,” he recently posted on the Gears of War forum, another game powered by the Unreal Engine 3. “It’s amazingly smooth and solid. I think you PS3 users are in for a huge treat with UT3.”

A demo for Unreal Tournament 3 is now available on FilePlanet, and more information can be found at the official Unreal Tournament 3 website.

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