The BBC has produced a student-penned episode, leading to a mysterious announcement.

It might be another month or so before we get to the Series 7 premiere of Doctor Who, but on the bright side, the BBC just released a brand new Doctor Who short featuring the current incarnation of the Doctor and his companion Amy Pond accidentally interrupting the 2012 Olympic torch run and briefly battling against an age-old nemesis.

The episode came about after the BBC held a contest last year titled Script to Screen, in which primary schools competed to write an Olympic-themed script for a Doctor Who short. The school with the winning script would get to see their screenplay turned into an actual, full-on Doctor Who mini-episode.

As some of you may recall, a Doctor Who Episode from 2006 featured a similar scenario, seeing the Doctor (played then by David Tennant) completing the very last leg of the torch relay for the (you guessed it) 2012 Summer Olympics. Coupled with some tweets from the official Doctor Who Twitter feed, suggests that there may be something special in the works for this Saturday when the Olympic torch passes through Cardiff, the home of Doctor Who’s studio.

Will Tennant run the real torch? According to the official Twitter feed, we’ll find out at midnight.

Source: via The Mary Sue

UPDATE: The BBC has confirmed that Matt Smith will carry the Olympic torch on Saturday, May 26th, through a part of Cardiff. Smith’s run will begin that morning at 6:20 am at the Norwegian Church Arts Centre in Cardiff, and fans of Doctor Who are encouraged to attend and cheer Smith on as he begins his run.

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