During its media briefing, Sony revealed Final Fantasy XIV Online, due out next year.

Final Fantasy XIV will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, but Sony revealed little more than that. We saw a video, which was the typical gorgeous cinematics that we’ve come to expect from Square Enix. We saw a few characters, an epic vista, and a chocobo.

UPDATE: Square Enix has launched a teaser site, which features the trailer shown at the Sony press event (displayed below), and includes the additional information that the game will also be released on the PC.

UPDATE: In a private press conference and Q/A session, Square Enix denied that FFXVI is a PS3 exclusive. Square Enix VP Shinji Hashimoto responded “We are considering all options at this time,” via a translator, when asked about a release on the Xbox 360.

It was also revealed that the game will have a simultaneous worldwide launch in English, French and Japanese. Gameplay is intended to be more casual than Final Fantasy XI, and comparisons to World of Warcraft were made regarding accessibility.

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