UPDATE: Super Street Fighter IV Unveiled Tomorrow?


Capcom has launched a mysterious Street Fighter IV teaser site that seems to suggest that the company will be pulling the veil off a new version of the game – with new characters in the roster – sometime tomorrow.

If you go to the site in question, you’ll be treated to a short video in the style of the SF4 opening (thankfully, without the ear-worm strains of “Indestructible”) – and you may notice that the URL contains the phrase “newwarrior.”

The immediate thought that springs to mind is that this may be an announcement regarding the two Super Street Fighter II characters – T.Hawk and Dee Jay – that didn’t make the SF4 cut. Hell, we already know that data already existed for the pair, but they’d been scrapped during development. I’m personally holding out hope for, say, Alex or Ibuki from Street Fighter III, but the two SSF2 characters seem like the more likely choice here.

Or perhaps it isn’t just new characters – last week, we reported that the Japanese SF4 blog had been teasing rumors about a possible “Championship Edition” update to Street Fighter IV, with all the new goodies – including characters – that you might expect. We were told to expect a concrete announcement shortly, and it looks like that announcement may be forthcoming: The date on the site is tomorrow, Sept. 29th, at 5:00 PM Japanese time (9:00 AM in the UK, and 4:00 AM here on the Eastern seaboard of the United States).

Stay tuned, folks.

Update: Via Kotaku, we have some reportedly leaked screens from a French site that show T.Hawk and new fighter “Juri.” Nothing official yet, but if they’re fakes, they’re pretty damn convincing. If everything is to believed, this announcement won’t just be for new characters, but for a new iteration entirely called Super Street Fighter IV. You may notice that (among other things) the Ultra meter looks different … I wonder why.

(Via Videogamer)

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