Update: The Elder Scrolls Online “Imperial Edition” Leaked by Amazon


Amazon has leaked an image showcasing a special Imperial Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online including maps, a collectible statue and a 224-page art book.

The internet is a place where mistakes never die. Maybe your finger slips or you push the wrong button. All it takes is one little trip up of that miniscule scale and it’s perfectly possible to expose something about yourself, your company or your work to the world that you can never take back. Thankfully, not every single secret exposed to the world is earthshaking, sometimes an online retailer just prematurely unveils a fancy version of a video game.

Case in point, Amazon has accidentally leaked an image showcasing the contents of the “Imperial Edition” of The Elder Scrolls Online. The image, which has since been pulled from the Dishonored: Game of the Year Amazon page where it was discovered, featured in detail what this apparent special edition of the much anticipated MMORPG will contain. More specifically, the Imperial Edition will include a 12-inch statue of the Daedric Prince Molag Bal, a map of Tamriel and a nifty 224-page art book. Players who buy the Imperial Edition will also be given access to a number of digital perks including the ability to play as an Imperial regardless of alliance. Players who buy this special edition will also receive a white Imperial horse, a Mudcrab pet, and a pair of Rings of Mara. The Imperial Edition itself will be cased in Steelbook packaging.

It may also be worth noting that it could potentially up in the air as to which platform the Imperial Edition is being released on. While ESO itself is planned to launch on PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One, the leaked image is only marked for the PS4. That could mean nothing, of course, but we’ll be curious to learn more as the game’s release gets closer and the Imperial Edition resurfaces for its official debut.

Update: A digital Imperial Edition is now available for pre-order at the Elder Scrolls Online store.

Source: IGN

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