Upgrade More Bloodborne Weapons With New Ways to Get Blood Rock

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Want to upgrade all your cool new weapons? Now your journey to unlock high-level gear is a little easier. Patch 1.09 adds a new vendor feature for everyone, but owners of The Old Hunters can grab another hidden Blood Rock. Just follow our tips below.

Fans of From Soft’s horrifyingly difficult adventure are already acutely aware of a singular fact — Blood Rocks are rare. The Blood Rock is required to fully upgrade any Trick Weapon to +10, and in the vanilla game, there was only one of these valuable stones in the entire game. That has changed, thanks to Patch 1.09 and The Old Hunters DLC.

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Blood Rocks – How to Buy & Locations

Download Patch 1.09 to gain access to Blood Rocks. If you’re looking for free Blood Rocks, we’ll also cover where to find these extremely valuable stones in the following tip sections.

Patch 1.09: How to Buy Blood Rock

With Patch 1.09 installed, Blood Rocks become available to purchase in the Hunter’s Dream. Buy them from the Insight Messengers — each Blood Rock costs 60 insight.

This item only becomes available after Mergo’s Wet Nurse is defeated. This is the boss of the Nightmare of Mensis location, and is the last mandatory boss battle to complete Bloodborne.

There are more Blood Rocks available in the Nightmare of Mensis, learn more in the next section.

Vanilla: Where to Find Blood Rock

To get a Blood Rock in the non-DLC enhanced version of Bloodborne, you’ll need to destroy the giant creature in the tower at the center of the Nightmare of Mensis.

Start from the Nightmare of Mensis: Middle Loft lantern. Take the stairs up to the shortcut lift. Activate it (if you haven’t already) and ride the elevator down. There’s a secret path you can step into while riding the lift.

Cross the bridge with the singing horrors and enter the chamber filled with spiders. The path leads down to a switch that drops the Mensis Brain from the tower, clearing the path to the Blood Rock.

Return to the previous room leading to the Brain lever and drop into a hole that leads to another bridge below. Run to the central tower and drop down into the lower balcony. The Blood Rock is found there.

The Old Hunters: Where to Find Blood Rock

If you have The Old Hunters there is a second free Blood Rock available to collect in the Fishing Hamlet near the end of the add-on’s main path.

Start at the Fishing Hamlet Lighthouse lamp and ride the circular shortcut lift down into the lower water cavern. Enter the dark path guarded by multiple singing eye-brains.

The road leads to a cliff over-looking the cave underneath the Fishing Hamlet’s well on the left. Instead, take the right path to the area filled with piles of dead fish and strange twisted shell-humans.

Go to the far end to a raised wooden scaffold. There’s a corpse laying against the stone wall with your next Blood Rock.

Other Blood Rock Locations

Up to three Blood Rocks are always located in treasure chests at Depth 5 Root Chalice Dungeons. There is one found in the Pthumeru Root Chalice, the Loran Root Chalice, and the Isz Root Chalice.

There is a random chance the final boss of a Depth 5 Root Chalice dungeon will drop a Blood Rock.

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