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The first step of every Call of Duty: Zombies Easter egg is always the Pack-A-Punch. Learn how to unlock the weapon upgrading vending machine with this quick guide.

Every Zombies map includes a Pack-A-Punch, and Infinite Warfare Zombies doesn’t stray far from the formula established all the way back in Black Ops. Starting every map, your first goal is to turn on the power, and the second goal is always to unlock the Pack-A-Punch machine. The thing isn’t just vital for surviving high rounds, it’s also (usually) your gateway towards the massive Easter egg hidden in each stage.

This part of the quest always involves Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Strap yourself in for some more celebrity involvement.

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How To Unlock the Pack-A-Punch

To begin the quest to unlock Pack-A-Punch, you’ll need to complete some (early) steps of the main easter egg quest. You’ll also need to turn on Power, check out the guide linked above for more details on that.

When you’re all setup, it’s time to begin.

  • #1. Find and talk to Elvira in the TV Studio area. She’ll ask for a spell book you’ll need to retrieve.
  • #2. Return to the Ice Cream Parlor in the Spawn area and look on the shelf opposite the crafting table, near the “Skull Hop” arcade machine. The spell book is on the shelf.
  • #3. Elvira will trade her spell book for a green vial that’s added to your inventory. Next, you’ll need to fill that vial with green goo.
  • #4. To collect green goo, kill zombies with the cleaver melee weapon. Collect the cleaver melee weapon from the dead shark in the super market.
  • #5. After killing about enough zombies, check to see if your vial is full. When it is, return to Elvira and give her the filled vial and she’ll join you!
  • #6. Now that Elvira is on your team and following you around, you need to lead her to a blue portal that spawns in one of four locations. It can appears; just outside the TV Studio, at the campfire, outside the back room of the Ice Cream Parlor. Check the sky and watch for blue flashes of light.
  • #7. Once Elvira touches a portal, it will open and you’ll be able to interact and teleport to the Projector Room.

Now you can PaP weapons for a 5,000 points. Just check the sky for future portal locations when you need to make a return trip.

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