Uplay Platform to Expand with Ubisoft Club


Ubisoft doubling down on loyalty program.

Ubisoft’s Uplay digital distribution and reward platform is expanding with new features and a new program, Ubisoft Club. By enrolling in Ubisoft Club, players will earn experience points and badges by playing Ubisoft games, compare their badges and experience levels with other members, and be rewarded with in-game content and other offers. These features are offered across all platforms Uplay is already available on.

A trailer with an overview of the program has been released. Players can sign up here with their existing Uplay account now, but not at the address listed at the trailer’s conclusion (, which currently directs to a parked domain page.

The continued existence of Uplay seems baffling in the face of its overwhelming unpopularity. The addition of publicly displayable achievements seems unlikely to create further justification for it either, let alone botching the rollout like this.

Please, Ubisoft, just let it go.

Sources: YouTube, Ubisoft

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