A company in Germany has designed a new kind of videogame designed to encourage bar patrons who’ve had a few drinks to take a taxi instead of attempting to drive.

Known as the Piss-Screen, the system is built around a pressure-sensitive inlay inserted into urinals that’s connected to a video screen mounted on the wall. The game, a Need For Speed-style driving title, begins automatically when the player starts to pee, with steering controlled by the stream. Pee to the right to turn to the right; pee to the left to turn to the left. The game requires fairly quick reactions, which helps emphasize the deleterious effects of alcohol on potential drunk drivers; the drunker you are, the worse your performance in the game, which ultimately ends with a “shocking” crash scene.

Piss-Screen is being developed by the German firm Saatchi & Saatchi. More information about the game, including videos, a Flash-based Piss-Screen home game and a link to the official Piss-Screen blog, are available at the official Piss-Screen website.

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