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Members of the House of Representatives have been caught downloading … Home and Away? Really?

Yes, we need legislation like SOPA to protect our media conglomerates from filthy pirates, such as, say, that nut in the United States House of Representatives with a Dexter fixation, or the one who ripped Pixar’s unreleased animated movie The Good Dinosaur.

A report released by Washington Whispers has revealed that members of the US Congress are among the more persistent illegal downloaders, pirating everything from TV shows to feature films. Though games aren’t as popular targets, at least one user was hot for Tron: Evolution on the Xbox 360.

The report covers the period from early October 2012 onwards. It tracks the IP addresses associated with these downloads, but it should be remembered that not every congressional IP address is accounted for. There could be others out there who share one user’s addiction to Home and Away. A copy of the full list can be found here.

The House of Representatives isn’t the only entity that pirates, of course. Hollywood does it too, as does the RIAA and Homeland Security. No wonder the media conglomerates are so worried about torrents; even their friends are pirates.

Source: Guardian

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