The Ouya’s controller is being redesigned based on user feedback.

So contrary to some cynics’ dire predictions, the Ouya is actually happening. Dev kits are out in the wild and gamers have finally managed to get their hands on an early version of the console. Unfortunately, those hands weren’t very pleased with the Ouya’s controller, so it’s undergoing a few revisions based on user feedback.

First and foremost, the controller’s nasty “disc” d-pad (like the 360’s terrible d-pad) is being replaced with a cross-shape, indented variant similar to that of the NES controller. Considering 2D games will likely make up a large part of the Ouya’s library, a quality d-pad will be essential.

So what else is changing? The concave thumb sticks now come with a rubberized grip to prevent sweaty thumb slippage (oh er). The touch pad is getting a sensitivity upgrade. The triggers are being moved closer to the body of the controller and the battery bay is being secured for a more snug fit.

As a bit of a controller aficionado, I’m glad to see the Ouya team is taking the time to iterate the console’s controllers, but I’m hoping the console’s “open” nature extends to its peripherals. What’s the point in inviting friends over if you can’t stick them with some atrocious 3rd party controller seemingly designed for lobster-people?

Source: Ouya

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