Uwe Boll Paid To Be in Postal 3


The infamous Postal director himself will be a non-player character in Running With Scissors’ upcoming Postal 3, a privilege he earned not through the goodwill of the developers but with his own hard-earned cash.

Running With Scissors boss Vince Desi isn’t like most gamers out there. Even after Boll butchered his franchise with his Postal film adaptation, Devi doesn’t actually hate him.

“I like Uwe and consider him a friend, I don’t agree with those who scream for his head, they should try to make a movie then they can criticize him,” Devi said.

So you’d think that Desi wouldn’t hesitate – Boll being a friend and all – when the infamous director requested to be in his game. And he didn’t. Uwe Boll will be in Postal 3. But he didn’t get there because Desi likes him, he got in the game because he paid to be in it.

“Uwe Boll paid us to put him in the game,” Desi said. “We agreed when he licensed the movie rights.”

What role will Boll play in the game? “Uwe will be presented as himself and of course you can have fun with him, it’s Postal!” Desi explained. So. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like Uwe Boll is an NPC in Postal 3 and you can mess around with him however much you want. Set him on fire, do other unspeakable things. Urge to buy Postal 3…rising.

[Via Eurogamer]

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