Uwe Boll, known for terrible videogame movies, is now tackling the serious subject of Nazi concentration camps.

If Uwe Boll’s movie adaptations of Far Cry, House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, Dungeon Siege, and Postal didn’t make you sick enough, he’s now got a new film in the works that is likely to put you over the edge. To put it mildly, the director has been less than praised for his work covering videogames, so don’t expect his future film that covers one of the worst atrocities in world history to be the next Schindler’s List.

As evidenced by a new trailer available to the public, Uwe Boll has decided to change his focus from videogames to Auschwitz, a network of World War II Nazi concentration camps. All that’s known of the movie is what’s shown in the trailer, which looks to have a serious tone with the message of “Never Forget,” though I don’t think it’s really pulling it off.

Boll even gave himself a part in the movie as a guard. In the trailer, he’s shown standing outside of one of Auschwitz’s holding rooms, as captives bang on the door. It’s really disturbing and gruesome, showing the types of things that went on at Auschwitz, but if you really want to see it (NSFW, or kids, or anyone with a gentle stomach), it’s viewable here.

I know that quite a few people got upset when Boll took on the subject of Bloodrayne, so I can imagine the kind of ire he’ll raise with a movie about Auschwitz. It’s almost insane for a man to go from directing a movie about a videogame series where a cat’s anus is used as a gun silencer to one of the most horrifying atrocities of human history. Is there any chance of this movie not being terribly disrespectful, coming from Boll?

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