Tunnel Rats, a game based on Uwe Boll’s new movie of the same name and produced by the notorious director himself, is now available. Are you a bad enough dude to see if it’s as awful as his movies?

Uwe Boll, most famous for adapting games into bad movies, is now apparently doing the opposite too. Tunnel Rats, a new game developed by Velvet Assassin makers Replay Studios, is a videogame adaptation of Boll’s new film about the Vietnam War, 1968 Tunnel Rats.

Boll himself didn’t just play an advisory role on the game, but had a direct role in its development. “I controlled the production, and I’m happy with the game,” he told Eurogamer last September.

According to the game’s product description, Tunnel Rats is “a dark and intense single-player shooter…that depicts the horrific realities of the Vietnam War as seen through the eyes of a young US soldier.” True to its name, the game finds you exploring a maze of tunnels that is riddled with “the most nasty traps ever built.” As you progress through the game and experience “the dark horror of war,” your character relates a “dark inner monologue and growing loss of grid,” whatever the hell that means.

So, is Uwe Boll any better at making games out of movies than he is at making movies out of games? $20 spent on Steam will get you the answer to that question. Check out the trailer here.

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