The winner of $129,000 PS4 Anniversary auction has abandoned their high bid.

Late last month, Sony Computer Entertainment hosted an auction where it intended to sell the first in a coveted series of limited edition 20th Anniversary PS4’s. Promising to donate a matching sum to charity, the game maker was able to sell the unique console for a whopping a 15,135,000 yen, roughly $129,000.

Unfortunately, Sony revealed today that the auction’s high bidder, when called upon to pay up, apparently cut and run from their self-inflicted bill. That being the case, the company has announced that it won’t be the doing the same. While it understandably intends to delay the sale of the 20th Anniversary console, SCE has affirmed that it will hold up its end of the bargain and give the promised donation to the Japanese branch of Save the Children. Added to that money will be an extra 23,120 yen raised via Sony’s “PlayStation Love Tweet” drive which added 20 Yen to a charity pot every time someone Tweeted to the campaign. 1,156 Tweets were received in total.

If we’re being honest, it’s not really all that surprising that Sony would still donate the money even with the high bidder backing out. When you’re a multi-billion dollar corporation, it makes much more sense to just write a $129,000 check rather than face the reams of bad press that would come from refusing to give money to an organization like Save the Kids on account of a technicality. Regardless, charity is always good and we think it’s still fair to give Sony a bit of kudos for doing the right thing when the situation offered a conceivable out.

Source: Dual Shockers

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