Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski Twister reboot

The film with the greatest bovine sight gag in the history of cinema is getting a redo. Variety is reporting that Universal is planning to reboot Twister. The studio is already lining up a director as well, being in negotiations with Top Gun: Maverick and Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski.

There are absolutely no details about the plot available or any information on if a screenplay has even been finalized, but if it follows the gist of the 1994 blockbuster, then the movie should be about a team of ragtag twister chasers, two of whom use to be coupled, who go around trying to track the biggest twisters possible. It doesn’t sound like the plot of a $494 million blockbuster, but there’s a reason Twister still has a following to this day. And it’s because the movie just works for some reason.

Kosinski is an experienced big-movie director whose skills at kicking out high-budget fare shouldn’t be ignored, even if he doesn’t bring anything that interesting to the table. He has a close relationship with Tom Cruise after directing the actor in both Oblivion and Top Gun: Maverick, so maybe we’ll see the actor get sucked into a funnel of wind sometime in the future once he’s returned from space.

Variety calls the new film a reboot, though just how you reboot a single film franchise(?) is entirely unclear. “Remake” seems like a more appropriate word here, unless Universal is taking a stab at a series of films based on crazy people driving cars right into dangerous weather occurrences. If that is so, the “Storm Universe” will hopefully fare better than the Dark Universe did.

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