Valkyria Chronicles Gets Three DLC Packs


Sega’s PS3-only strategy-RPG might never go down as anything more than a cult favorite, but the company’s still showing it a bit of love in the form of three new DLC packs coming later this spring.

Valkyria Chronicles has amassed a small but dedicated following even as it has, so far, failed to garner any major success. So you’d think Sony and Sega would be willing to just let the fans keep themselves entertained with their obscure little SRPG, but they’re being a little nicer than that by bringing the previously Japan-only downloadable content to English-speaking parts of the world sometime this spring in the form of three packs.

The first pack adds an extra challenging Hard EX mode where enemies get more dangerous but your main tank Edelweiss is out of commission, meaning you’ll have to rely on your wits a lot more to come out on top on the battlefield.

Then there are two packs both containing extra missions, one called “Enter the Edy Detachment” where you play as Edy and command an undermanned team of six against a big Imperial squadron, and the other is “Behind Her Blue Flame,” which puts you in the shoes of one Johann, an engineer in Selvaria’s troops, and “see the war play out through the eyes of the enemy.”

“Each of the three new packs will supply players with a brand new experience,” Sega told CVG.

No word on pricing yet.

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