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Valorant Launches on June 2, Additional Launch Content Details Revealed

Valorant launch date june 2

Riot Games has announced that its new FPS game, Valorant, will officially launch on June 2. Additional content will be added, such as a new map, agent, and game mode.

While speaking with Geoff Keighley as part of Summer Game Fest, game director Joe Ziegler said that there were originally going to be 12 agents at launch, but now there will be 11. He notes that the agent was cut as a result of complications with development due to COVID-19. However, he clarified that the 12th agent will release later.

According to Executive Director Anna Donlon, the current plan is to have an additional game mode available at launch. It will be tagged as a “beta” mode since Riot did not get the opportunity to test it during Valorant‘s closed beta. Ziegler hints that it might be a shorter game mode that players can participate in between the long and intensive matches in Valorant. Donlon also confirmed that it is not a Team Deathmatch mode, although such a mode is still in consideration in the future.

She further explained that Riot Games tried to delay the official release date announcement of June 2 as long as possible in order to make sure everything was ready. She also said to expect another content drop sometime in the summer but does not want to commit to another release date just yet.

Valorant will launch on PC on June 2.

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