Valve Announces New Dota 2 Card Game, Artifact


Valve has announced a brand new game – a digital card game that’s titled Artifact and based on Dota 2.

Valve has announced a brand-new game, and no, it’s not Half-Life 3. During the live broadcast of the second day of The International, the company’s Dota 2 tournament that’s underway now, broadcaster Sean “Day9” Plott revealed the new title. Predictably, he started off by saying, “It’s not Half-Life 3.” He then showed off a 35-second trailer that revealed nothing but the name of the game and its logo.

Unfortunately, that’s almost all the info that was offered. Plott did talk a bit about playing the game, which sounds like it will be a lane-based 1v1 game. “I played a game where I was getting my ass kicked in two lanes,” he said. “I kept building barracks in the third [lane], and I kept flooding the lane with creeps.”

After the announcement, there was one other bit of information that popped up. Brad Muir, who left Double Fine in 2015, said on Twitter that he’s been working on this project for a while.

It’s not all that surprising to see Valve getting into the digital card game business, especially if it can capitalize on the popularity of Dota 2. There’s obviously a lot we don’t know here, but as the video says the game is coming in 2018, I expect we’ll hear more before too long.

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