Valve Offers TF2 Hats for Japan Disaster Relief


Valve is offering three very limited-edition Team Fortress 2 hats to raise money for the American Red Cross Japan disaster relief fund.

It’s unusual to see a “serious” update on the Team Fortress 2 blog, but the situation in Japan is no joking matter. So for once, Valve gets right to the point: three new TF2 hats, available for a very limited time, with all proceeds going to disaster relief in Japan.

First up is the “Humanitarian’s Hachimaki,” available through the Mann Co. Store for $7.99; next is the “Benefactor’s Kanmuri,” selling for $19.99; and finally, the big daddy, the “Magnanimous Monarch,” going for a whopping $99.99. They’ll be available only until April 6 and while they can be equipped by any class, they cannot be traded or used for crafting.

They may not be the cheapest hats you’ll ever buy but they support a very worthwhile cause. Every penny of every sale, minus applicable taxes, will go directly to the American Red Cross fund for disaster relief in Japan. For those who’d prefer to donate directly to the Red Cross, Valve also provides a direct link to the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami donation website.

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