Valve has joined with Nvidia to create a new Portal demo available exclusively to PC users who own GeForce display adapters.

Called Portal: First Slice, the demo is freely available to all owners of Nvidia hardware via Steam, which will autodetect the presence of GeForce video cards and make the demo immediately available. A link to the Steam offer will also be included with all Nvidia driver releases.

Doug Lombardi of Valve said, “More Steam gamers, including myself, play on Nvidia hardware than any other GPU. That’s a testament to the company’s long history of innovation and quality. By working together with Nvidia to expand our development, distribution and marketing efforts, we’re increasing our ability to serve the millions of Nvidia customers logging onto Steam and help us prepare for our next generation of content.”

“Valve’s endorsement of our technology and tools is yet another example of how the world’s leading gaming companies are working with Nvidia,” added Nvidia Vice President of Content Relations Roy Taylor. “Portal is the hottest new, award-winning title from Valve, and we’re delighted that Valve will offer First Slice exclusively to GeForce customers.”

The two companies say they will continue working together throughout the coming year, both in support of competitive Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2 events as well as to “define and support the breakthrough features of tomorrow’s games and graphics hardware.” More information about the Portal: First Slice offer is available at

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