Valve Reveals Left 4 Dead 2’s ‘Scavenge Mode’


Valve Software has revealed the first details from Left 4 Dead 2’s fourth gametype, a mode that pits gas-hungry humans against zombies who are just as likely to moan “green energy crediiiiiiiiiiiittttttt” as they are “braaaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnsss.”

Scavenge Mode marks the fourth gametype present in the upcoming anti-zombie shooter, joining the standard Campaign, Versus and Survival Modes.

What exactly is Scavenge Mode? Think Fresnadillo’s 28 Weeks Later by way of “Super Market Sweep.”. From this morning’s official announcement:

Scavenge mode challenges players to compete in round-based games of up to 8 players (Survivors vs. Infected). The Survivors must battle both the Infected and the clock as they collect gas cans to refuel a generator located in each map. Every can the Survivors pour into the generator scores their team a point and adds time to the clock.

On defense, the Infected team plays as the boss Infected (including the new Spitter, Jockey, and Charger). They must keep the Survivors from fueling the generator by attacking them, destroying the gas cans, or running out the clock. During a round, each team gets an opportunity to play both sides, with the round going to whichever team successfully delivers the most cans.

As you could probably imagine, a character carrying a load of gasoline is essentially a running bomb, so expect plenty of frantic sprinting and hilarious explosive deaths only steps from the goal area.

Left 4 Dead 2 is scheduled for release on both Xbox 360 and Windows PC platforms on November 17.


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