Valve’s Half-Life 2 is Coming to the Nvidia Shield Handheld – Update

Half-Life 2 Nvidia Shield 310x

Following the release of Portal for the Shield, Nvidia is porting Half-Life 2 to its Android handheld console.

Update: Portal and Half-Life 2 are now both publicly listed on Google Play — Portal here, HL2 here. Both are $9.99 at the moment, and you’ll need an Nvidia Shield to play them.

If you’re interested in the Android handheld, it’s currently selling for $199.99 instead of the normal MSRP of $249.99. Check out our Nvidia Shield review before you buy.

Original Story:Portal was first, but you can never forget about Gordon Freeman.

Nvidia sent us a teaser package today — an Nvidia Green crowbar emblazoned with the Half-Life 2, and Nvidia Shield logos, along with “What Would Gordon Do?”

There’s no timetable just yet, but another of Valve’s classic titles is coming to Nvidia’s Android-powered handheld in the near future. Portal is currently in closed beta on Google Play (and will be available to the public on Monday for $9.99), so hopefully we’ll see Half-Life 2 in the coming weeks.

We’ll be sure to post more details as they come in.

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