Verizon FiOS to Offer Custom Channel Packages for Cable Television


Too good to be true, or exactly what the doctor ordered?

Verizon fios

Attention cord-cutters: Looks like Verizon FiOS wants your business back and they’re willing to offer custom channel packages to get it. Sort of.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The Custom TV service…lets customers choose channel packs from seven different genres: kids, pop culture, lifestyle, entertainment, news and info, sports, and sports plus.” But like with anything too good to be true, there’s a catch. In order to receive said genre packages, customers must first purchase a base package, clocking in at 35 channels total for approximately $55 dollars a month.

“Every FiOS Custom TV package includes a base set of 35 channels… Subscribers then choose two genre packs as part of the $54.99 per month base offer. Customers who want more than two packs can pay $10 more per month for each additional pack. Each pack features 10-17 channels.

Tami Erwin, president of Verizon’s consumer and mass business group, said that “this is an entirely new way to personalize TV,” and that “FiOS Custom TV delivers consumers more choice and control over their TV. This package gives customers the flexibility to choose what they want and pay for just that. It’s simple and personalized.”

In my opinion, this doesn’t feel as personalized as promised. If the goal here is to reach people who have ditched cable in favor of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, this doesn’t seem to be a particularly viable solution. To only offer these genre packages in addition to a base pack instead of standalone products seems like customers aren’t given a solution, but instead a reworking of the same old problem: cable that costs too much for too little control.

What are your thoughts on FiOS’ genre packages?

Source: The Mary Sue, via The Hollywood Reporter

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