Video: Attack On Titan Cosplayer Twirls On Ice


One dedicated Attack On Titan cosplayer and ice skater is prepared to take on the Titans on ice.

With the powerful “Guren no Yumiya” playing in the background, Finnish cosplayer Krista Kokki skates around in her Survey Corps jacket and belt harness, twirling and jumping on ice. After her performance at Yukicon, Kokki said this routine was more exhilarating than any figure skating competition she’s participated in.

“It was more difficult, since the costume, especially the belts, restrict movements,” Kokki said in an email interview. “There was also the matter of the blades – first time I got to try them was literally 10 minutes before the performance. I’ve never held onto anything like that when skating, so it was a unique, yet fun experience.”

For a majority of the performance, Kokki’s two blades lay on the ice in the back. Once holding them, she carefully skates while brandishing them to the audience, skating forward and backward while swinging them around, even leaping in the air with them.

Kokki would have liked to do more with her performance, but with the nature of her costume, these things were not possible. Traditional figure skating outfits allow for plenty of movement, but the Attack On Titan outfit does not. Beyond her costume, Kokki also found the outdoor ice to deal with – whereas in figure skating competitions the performances are done on well-maintained ice in indoor rinks. “The quality of the ice was terrible,” Kokki said. “The spins don’t spin as fast and long as they should, the steps and jumps are more difficult because the ice is bumpy and more slippery because of the snow on ice.”

Before this routine to the opening of Attack On Titan, Kokki hadn’t ice skated actively in years. She had to choreograph it during public rink hours. She called the experience fun and exciting not only because she loves both cosplaying and ice skating but also because she loves the song, which has “more strength and power to it than any song used in normal figure skating – it was impossible not to feel any of it when performing.” Kokki had to maintain that level of energy through the whole five minutes of the song – longer than the figure skating performances in world championships – in 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pictures of Kokki’s costumes can be found on her DeviantArt. Kokki also choreographed and skated to “Lullaby for the Survey Corps” in her costume.

Source: YouTube

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