Video: Resident Evil Dropped Into Maniac Mansion


Resident Evil and Maniac Mansion are two creepy games about mansions. Why not merge them?

YouTube user MajorNeese has developed a four part 8-bit video series that tells the entire story of the first Resident Evil as if it happened in the house, and with the graphics, from late-1980s LucasArts adventure game Maniac Mansion. Both games occur in mansions with strange goings-on, so it’s a surprisingly tactful crossover.

MajorNeese used the original audio from Resident Evil, and yes, it was that bad when the game originally came out on the PlayStation in 1996. A lot of people seem to ask what things are, but that’s understandable when you’re in a weird rich guy’s mansion and being attacked by zombies.

All of the enemies from Resident Evil are here, including the big snake, the shark, the giant plant boss, and Tyrant. The shark just happens to be fought inside Maniac Mansion‘s Edison family pool instead of a flooded underground facility. The toothless-grin wearing Edison family also take on the roles of bosses from Resident Evil, which for some reason I find less creepy than their original forms. I would rather be eaten and mauled than tied to Nurse Edna’s bed.

Not to spoil it or anything, but the story even ends with the characteristic Edison mansion explosion that we all know and love. Good times.

Parts 2-4 are below:

Via: Destructoid

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