Cliches, conventions and traditions. There’s a fine line between the power of an archetype and the lazy paint-by-numbers approach to game design. This week we’re celebrating the overused, underappreciated tropes of the gaming world. Whether it’s amnesia, escort missions, or power-ups, videogames make use of a number of predictable and persistent concepts to solve common design problems and to give gamers a sense of security. So how much do you know about the standard clichés of the videogame world?

Jump in to our quiz to find out. There just might be a badge in it for you.

Also, you can take the quiz as many times as you like but your total time will be cumulative. If you care about your spot on the leader board, make sure you use your other account to find the answers to the questions, and then use your real account to trick people into thinking you spent less than two seconds answering each question.


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