Videogame Industry Mourns Deaths


The videogame industry finds itself lessened by the recent passing of two of its own, Theresa Duncan and Glen Angus.

Glen Angus, an artist with Raven Software, died suddenly last week. He had worked on the X-Men: Legends and X-Men: Legends II – Rise of Apocalypse titles, and most recently, the 2006 action-RPG Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Shortly before his death, his 2-year old son Teddy had been diagnosed with severe autism, leading him to create a striking image as part of a plea for support against autism. The image and links are available on Glen’s personal website; more information is also available at Raven Software.

Theresa Duncan, a former videogame designer who left the industry to pursue film-making and writing, was found dead on July 10 of an apparent suicide. Her work in the mid-’90s on adventure games aimed at young girls was critically acclaimed, with games like Mimi Smartypants and Chop Suey receiving receiving recognition both for their unique and engaging design as well as their powerful appeal to a decidedly non-mainstream audience. Shortly after her death, her long-time partner and collaborator, Jeremy Blake, took his own life by walking into the ocean near Rockaway Beach.

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