Videogames Invade Reality in Pixel Inspired Short


A new video short shows what would happen if classic videogames came right out of the television and into your city.

Videogames have been brought into the real world before, but not quite like in director Patrick Jean’s new short video. Taking inspiration from classic videogames, Jean’s Pixels depicts characters and objects from many games we know and love and show them causing major damage.

He teamed up with One More Production to produce the video’s effects which represent each character or object with voxels, i.e. the 3D versions of pixels. Jean must really be looking forward to 3D Dot Game Heroes, which also uses a similar graphical style.

In Pixels, Space Invaders enemies attack taxis, Pac Man eats subway stations, the Breakout bars destroy a bridge, and Donkey Kong owns a city block with a barrel. If Tetris blocks dropped from the sky around me, it would be the only time I actually wouldn’t want a line piece to drop. Eventually, a voxel bomb ends up doing some serious damage. LoadingReadyRun fans should also keep an eye out for the Commodore 64 logo.

If you want to get into the symbolic message of the video, as interpreted by me, it could be a representation of how technology is taking over the world. On the other hand, it’s probably just a cool video. We all might want to be a little more careful when we throw out old television sets: there could be videogame characters in there dying to destroy us all.

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