Videos Capture Massive Meteor Exploding Over Bangkok

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A massive fireball exploded over Bangkok yesterday morning, and thanks to a few well-timed dashcam videos, we can see it for ourselves.

I’ve long since lauded Russian dashcam videos as the single greatest source of entertainment on all of Youtube, so much so that I fell into a 3 hour Youtube wormhole of exactly those while writing up this article. But beyond satsifying my own morbid amusement, Russian dashcam videos have actually served a purpose. Back when the Chelyabinsk meteor lit up the skies over Oblast in 2013, several of these mounted cameras were able to capture the brilliant occurrence for us all to see.

On Monday morning, the citizens of Bangkok, Thailand were treated to a similar phenomenon, when a massive meteor entered the atmosphere above the capital city at 8:45 a.m. local time. Thankfully, this meteor was captured on camera as well by a handful of dashcams.

Check out the incredible footage below.

Deputy Director of the National Astronomical Research Institute, Saran Poshyachinda, said that although the fireball was impressive in size, there should be no concern from local citizens that it might land in their backyards.

“It is a natural phenomenon which can be explained,” said Poshyachinda, “It might be a meteor or a piece of an old satellite. It is quite exciting to see it, but please do not panic.”

There have been no reports of the “fireball” landing anywhere as of this write up, leading researchers to believe that it may have burned up completely while entering the atmosphere. Which is a shame if you ask me, because a burned up piece of satellite would make for one hell of a souvenir, regardless of whether or not it had just destroyed your home.

Source: Bangkok Post

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