Box Office Report Aug 12-14

Suicide Squad drops hard, but retains its #1 position anyway.

After its record-breaking debut weekend, Suicide Squad reigned supreme atop the box office in its second weekend, grossing $43.5 million, which is a 67.4% drop from the previous weekend. For comparison’s sake, Suicide Squad broke a record previously held by Guardians of the Galaxy by almost $40 million, but in their second weekends it only beat the James Gunn-directed movie by just over $1 million. The 67.4% drop is only slightly less than the 69.1% drop that Batman v Superman saw in its second weekend.

Coming in second place was the vulgar animated comedy Sausage Party, which grossed over $34.3 million. Given its reported budget – between $19 and $30 million – it’s looking to be a pretty large success. It was a project that studios didn’t want to take on, but it looks like Sony made a smart decision distributing and co-financing it. Pete’s Dragon, the widest new release of the weekend, grossed $21.5 million, which puts it in third place. Given how much marketing it had, that has to be a disappointment.

Florence Foster Jenkins was the week’s third new wide release, debuting to a modest $6.6 million and opening in eighth place. Meryl Streep may be nominated for another Oscar based on her performance, but audiences didn’t seem to have much interest in it.

Here is the top ten for the weekend:

1. Suicide Squad ($43.5 million, week 2)
2. Sausage Party ($34.3 million, week 1)
3. Pete’s Dragon ($21.5 million, week 1)
4. Jason Bourne ($13.9 million, week 3)
5. Bad Moms ($11.4 million, week 3)
6. The Secret Life of Pets ($9.1 million, week 6)
7. Star Trek Beyond ($6.9 million, week 4)
8. Florence Foster Jenkins ($6.6 million, week 1)
9. Nine Lives ($3.5 million, week 2)
10. Lights Out ($3.2 million, week 4)

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

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