Deck the halls with spleens and kidneys, scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub…

Viscera Cleanup Detail is that game that has you cleaning up the mess that the heroes leave behind, like the Mike Rowe of games. In what might be considered a companion piece to the Weird Al classic, a new DLC pack has you wiping elf blood off the walls with Santa’s Rampage.

You see, Santa’s a man under a lot of pressure. He carries the requests of the entire world on his shoulders. Then there’s the taxes, the ever-present elf unions, and Mrs. Claus herself. Now the jolly old elf has snapped and gone on a festive rampage, leaving bits of elves and reindeer all over the place. As an employee of Polar Sanitation Inc, it’s your job to clean the place up with your trusty mop. You can either work your way through the workshop, finding clues about what led up to the fateful event, or play about in the sandbox mode and make even more of a mess. There’s also multiplayer, so you can see who can punt a severed elf head the farthest. Just remember that the multiplayer bits are still in early beta, so don’t be surprised if someone clips through the floor.

The stand-alone expansion is normally $2.49, but if you’ll save 20% if you buy before December 20th. However, it’s free to anyone who pre-purchased the original game.

Source: Steam

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