Visceral’s Steve Papoutsis says the studio has heard the outcry from unhappy PC gamers and is working to improve the mouse-and-keyboard control setup in Dead Space 2.

Dead Space was designed to be played on a gamepad, a fact reflected in the many complaints from PC gamers that the mouse and keyboard support was seriously lacking. Papoutsis, the senior producer on the first game, actually recommended that PC gamers playing the original forgo their usual setup in favor of a controller. “Not to sound snarky, but with Dead Space, honestly, the way we’re playing it is with a gamepad,” he told CVG. “Even if you’re a PC guy, if you have one, stick [your gamepad] in your PC and play the game with that.”

But Visceral is “focused on trying to improve” the PC controls in the follow-up, he said. “This time out we have people dedicated on working to improve the controls for PC players,” he continued. “Out of the box, we’re hopeful the PC version this time will respond a lot better and that people will be a lot more comfortable and happier with the controls. That is feedback we’ve heard and we’re certainly trying to address it.”

Personally, I thought the PC controls were just fine, but I’m not about to complain if Visceral makes the sequel even better. Dead Space 2 is slated for release in January 2011 on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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