Visit an Assassin’s Pimpin’ Pad in Final Assassin’s Creed II Diary


In the final Assassin’s Creed II Developer Diary, we get a look at the lifestyles of the rich and infamous by visiting Ezio’s swank villa retreat.

As much fun as it is, assassins can’t be stabbing someone in the face all the time. Every good assassin needs a place where he can go to to plan his next mission, to store his face-stabbing accessories provided by Leonardo da Vinci, and to just relax, unwind, and be himself. Altair had the annoyingly remote assassin’s base in the mountains, and while AC2 protagonist Ezio’s home villa might be equally remote (who knows?) it’s at least a lot more stylish.

Or… it can become more stylish, anyway. The Auditore family has been disgraced, and at the beginning of the game Ezio’s villa – and the town surrounding it – are worn-down and decrepit. Ezio can take on this ol’ fixer-upper and restore life to the place, and in doing so will generate a source of income that he can presumably use to buy wine, the company of attractive women, and badass tools to make murder and mayhem that much easier.

It is kind of curious that the guy seems to be storing his assassins’ gear in plain sight, what with previous trailers stressing the great lengths to which Ezio’s father went to in order to keep his “other” job from his family. Then again, maybe all the people who live at the villa are all blind. Or really stupid. Or they just think their master has a penchant for collecting weaponry that mysteriously keeps needing to be cleaned of blood.

Less than a week to go, people (well, unless you’re across the pond in Europe. Then you’ve got a bit over a week to go).

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