Visit WW1 in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate With This Hidden Portal Location

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Fight ‘The War At Home’ and access the WW1 era London in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. The secret addition didn’t get much press until now, and it’s an extra everyone should explore.

1916 London isn’t such a different place from the Dickensian muck of Syndicate, but the city is under siege and only your particular modern Assassin can stop the bombings. The location can be explored, with a sub-series of missions and collectibles to gather.

There are some decidedly modern changes in the later-day London, including massive air raid sirens and other revamped landmarks. It’s cool enough the developers at Ubisoft thought to include this extra little area, and lore fans will get plenty to pour over. See how to reach the portal with our quick guide.

WW1 Era Location Guide

Within Syndicate there’s a bonus area complete with it’s own set of collectibles and objectives you’re able to explore.

The era changes to 1916 London, and unlike the historical recreations in Unity, this mini-location is fully playable while also being completely optional.

Here you’ll meet a young Winston Churchill while dealing with a series of missions sending you to the Tower Bridge and other London landmarks.

How to Start ‘The War at Home’

To access this additional area, follow these instructions:

  • 1. The first World War 1 mission, called ‘The War at Home’ becomes available at a certain point after Sequence 6.
  • 2. Check your map, the portal is located on the far eastern end of The Thames borough.
  • 3. Use the boats to leap across the water. Near the map’s end, you should see a large tear hanging over a stationary ship. That’s your entrance.

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