Vodafone Iceland Hacked, 70,000 User’s Personal Data Leaked


Among the data leaked was some highly-sensitive text-messages from Icelandic politicians.

A Turkish hacker group broke into the official website and stole thousands of user’s personal data, uploading it to a website for all to see. Among the 70,000 users hacked were some Icelandic politicians, and the country’s reporters are confirming that some highly-sensitive text-messages were made available for anyone to read.

Vodafone’s PR initially claimed that no confidential information had been compromised in the attack, but as customers started to simply look up their own Vodafone numbers in the hacker’s database, they could confirm themselves that data was leaked.

Vodafone has since sent out an updated statement, saying the company is working with the best data and net security specialists available to investigate the scope of the incident.

Icelandic reporters did not release any of the politician’s names associated with the leaked messages, but said that they alluded to some very sensitive topics in the Icelandic government.

The hacking group left hash tags such as #USAisTerroristCountry on the Vodafone website, suggesting that Iceland’s ties to America are the reason behind the attack.

Vodafone Iceland is now urging all of its users to change their passwords, especially if they use the same password for multiple accounts.


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