Vote for Sega’s Next Genesis Game on XBLA


Sega’s celebrating the anniversary of the Genesis by asking fans to vote for which Genesis game they’ll get the chance to buy next on XBLA, and there are some pretty heavy hitters among the options.

Happy 20th anniversary, Sega Genesis. Your descendant, the Dreamcast, isn’t getting any kind of hurrah from Sega, who say they wouldn’t want to confuse their identity as a software maker now by celebrating their past as a hardware producer.

Apparently that logic does not apply to the Genesis (or Mega Drive, if you will), because, lo and behold, Sega is throwing some festivities to commemorate two decades of three button controllers and actually good Sonic games.

Between today (August 14) and August 21, Sega will be running a poll to see which game Sega fans would like to see released on Xbox Live Arcade next. The choices: Earthworm Jim, Golden Axe II, Shining Force II, Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Toejam & Earl and Wonder Boy. All beloved classics and deserved of re-releases in their own right…and yet, there can only be one.

As of this writing, Earthworm Jim is in a commanding lead with 36% of the votes, followed by Toejam & Earl with 24%. There have been 972 votes so far, but there should be plenty between now and next week, so if you want to see another game on XBLA, exercise your right as a democrat and get to voting.

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