March Mayhem Round 3

Voting is now open for Round 3 in the 2015 Developers’ Showdown.

The battle has begun. March Mayhem is our annual event in which The Escapist pits game developers head to head in bracket-style matchups. You get to vote on which developer you think performed better in 2014, and the winner goes on to face another opponent in the next round. Who will win this year’s Developers’ Showdown? Only you can decide!

Voting is open in the third round right now! Head over to the official bracket page to cast your votes. You must be a member of The Escapist, so if you haven’t signed up for your free account yet, register here or Login with Facebook, then click the link above.

If you’re unsure about a developer or their games, feel free to do some research. And, as always, you can hash it out in the forums dedicated to March Mayhem 2015.

Here are some of the more notable matchups in the third round of voting:

(2) Telltale Games vs. (3) Riot Games

This year, Telltale has had their most ambitious year yet, releasing episodes not only for The Walking Dead, but for a Game of Thrones tie-in, a series based on the Fables comics titled Wolf Among Us, and a collaboration with Gearbox Software titled Tales from the Borderlands.

It’s up against Riot Games, creator of League of Legends, which is consistently ranked as one of the most played PC games every month, and shows up in e-sports tournaments around the world. Can Telltale take on this gaming behemoth?

Talk about Telltale Games vs. Valve Software in the forums!

(2) Creative Assembly vs. (1) Bioware

Creative Assembly is one of the elder developers, having formed originally in 1987. Now a subsidiary of SEGA, The Creative Assembly is well known for the Total War series.In 2014, Creative Assembly-developed horror title Alien: Isolation, which was met with critical acclaim.

It’s up against another 2014 powerhouse, Bioware. Canadian development studio BioWare was founded back in 1995, and is now a division of mega-publisher Electronic Arts. In 2014, BioWare released the latest in the line of its own IP, Dragon Age in Dragon Age: Inquisition, which was met with accolades for its storytelling achievements.

Head over to the March Mayhem 2015 page to vote in these and the other matchups now! All you have to do is click on the developers’ names and a pop-up will appear with voting instructions. Have fun!

And may the best developer of 2014 win!

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