Walking Dead Season 2 Next Chapter’s Just Around The Corner


Telltale knows Clem’s still not bitten, but is it just a matter of time?

Walking Dead fans, get ready: the next chapter in Telltale’s point-and-click The Walking Dead: Season 2 is just around the corner. Does that mean we have a date? No. No it does not, but hopefully it means we will have a date this week.

The last episode was Clem’s inaugural as the main character, and it was a smash. Anyone who doubted Clem could hold her own in the lead now knows better, and she’s still not bitten. But is it only a matter of time? Telltale likes plunging you right into the depths of despair, and Clem’s nothing like as robust as Lee; it’d be so easy for her to get in over her head.

Just hold on. That’s all you can do for now.

Source: Telltale

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