AMC has finally shown off The Walking Dead, its zombie-focused television series, in motion.

An upcoming television show you might not know about that you absolutely should is AMC’s The Walking Dead. I say this with full admission of my total bias as a fanboy of the awesome Robert Kirkman comic book that the series is based on. Keeping that in mind, AMC was nice enough to bring a trailer for The Walking Dead to the San Diego Comic-Con this year (which unfortunately hasn’t been “officially” released, hence the cam footage), and considering that it’s censored due to the “tame” nature of the event, the television show looks promising. Supposedly, it’s much bloodier when not censored for Comic-Con.

In the comic, police officer Rick Grimes is seriously injured and wakes up in the hospital. Oh boy, what a time to be unconscious. While he was out, the zombie apocalypse began. The television series follows his trials and tribulations as he attempts to protects his family and newfound friends from having their faces eaten: just as in the comic book.

Frank Darabont is the executive producer of The Walking Dead, a big-time director whose previous works include The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. He may have signed on to The Walking Dead just because it’s yet another project where you can either keep or drop the “The” when talking about it. Whatever his justification, he adds another reason to take a look at the series beyond the fact that it’s the first post-apocalyptic zombie-focused television show I’ve ever heard of and based on an established and solid storyline.

According to creator Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead will not precisely follow the comic book it is based on, so even hardcore fans have a reason to watch for something new. The show’s first six episode run is set to hit television sets this October. I personally can’t wait to find out what you do when you’re in a tank surrounded by zombies.

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