If the only interest you have in AMC’s Walking Dead is to watch zombies die, just view this video and be done with it.

***SPOILER ALERT***: This post and video may spoil sections of The Walking Dead.

A new video helps to prove that AMC’s The Walking Dead is primarily about its human characters rather than just the zombies. The recently released clip pieces together every zombie death in the show’s first season and clocks in at just over 1 minute.

Most of the video is the very first zombie death in the show, and part of The Walking Dead‘s opening scene, where main character Rick Grimes puts a big hole in the head of an undead little girl. It was a shocking way to start the series, but after watching the rest of the show I feel pretty desensitized by now. Whatever the shell, I accept that zombies must be sent to their second grave so humanity can survive, and you should too.

The clip includes 42 total zombie re-deaths and a few scenes that spoil some of the events in The Walking Dead, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. This equals around 7 zombie murders per episode thanks to AMC’s short order of only six episodes for The Walking Dead‘s debut. Divided by an hour and subtracting the commercials, that’s something like one kill every 7 minutes. With billions of zombies in the world, you’d think more would need their heads axed.

I’m predicting that the version of this video covering Walking Dead‘s second season will be much longer, not only because AMC ordered 13 episodes this time, but because the first season of The Walking Dead was primarily about the show’s survivors getting acclimated to the zombie plague and not necessarily annihilating it. I mean, nobody even touched an Uzi or a rocket launcher in season 1, and every good zombie show has its characters coming across an overly destructive arsenal at some point (not just a gym bag full of guns). Mark my words, zombies are in for some trouble in season 2, and thanks to AMC’s gruesome special effects crew it won’t be pretty.

Source: Collider

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