The secretive superstore chain finally spills the beans on their gaming market share.

Like a clan of competitively priced ninjas, Walmart’s foremost business philosophy is absolute secrecy. For the past decade the giant superstore chain has steadfastly refused to release any information on its supplier pricing and, more importantly, its sales data. Being one of the largest superstore chains on Earth, it’s fair to assume that Walmart’s electronic entertainment section shifts more than a few games. But how many? And which ones? Walmart wasn’t telling. Until now.

The corporate giant is finally letting outside research firms, including the NPD group which provides most of the games sale data for North America, sneak a peek at their scanner records and sales data. If Walmart is responsible for as many game sales as some suspect, then this decision could have a huge impact on game sales statistics. It will certainly provide a more comprehensive view of which games are selling and which are crashing and burning because the universe is not just.

Walmart, or at least the research companies they’re working with, will begin releasing the data in the coming months, presumably via dead drops in crowded public places.

Source: Adage via Joystiq

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