Wanna Build An NES Arcade Cabinet?


Have you ever wanted to build your own miniature retro arcade cabinet? Instructables user “russm313” has you covered.

Mr. “russm313” has uploaded an extremely comprehensive guide to the site that walks you through the entire process of constructing the NES-themed miniature arcade cabinet you see at right.

While there are a few parts that might be slightly difficult to get your hands on — NES controller ports from a Four Score multiplayer adaptor, for instance — everything he used seems to be extremely common and, best of all, relatively inexpensive.

Even better, the actual construction of the cabinet is quite simple. It seems about as difficult as extremely basic electrical work, and if you’ve ever soldered before you should have no problem snapping together your own tiny arcade machine.

The best part of all of this is that if you have the skill to get this thing up and running it should be no trouble to convert the cabinet to play absolutely any arcade game you want.

Assuming, of course, that you own the rights to them. Don’t let us catch you wearing an eyepatch, junior!

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