Warface, Crytek’s free-to-play online military shooter, will make its way to Western markets next year.

Crytek revealed Warface in November 2010 as a free-to-play online military shooter aimed at Asian markets, where micropayment-supported games are common. Set in the near future, Warface will support both co-op and PvP gameplay, but what it didn’t appear to support was a commitment to Western shooter fans; Crytek said the game is “especially dedicated to the Korean and other Asian markets” and that the office it opened in South Korea in 2008 was specifically intended to help the company reach that market.

But today the company revealed that everyone, no matter where they live, will be able to get in on the action. “With Warface we aim to become the next-gen of free-to-play shooters that are on par with traditional AAA games in terms of quality. We have the team and technology to make it happen and are starting with a strong partner in Asia to ensure we gain experience with the free to play business model,” Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said in a statement. “It’s the next logical step for us to bring this new IP to a global audience and thus to our worldwide community.”

I’m not entirely sure what “Warface” means in the context of the game but I do know that there’s no valid excuse for not immediately forming a mental image of R. Lee Ermey screaming at Matthew Modine every time you see the word, and that counts for a lot in my book. The PC-exclusive Warface is currently slated to open up in 2012. To learn more, check out www.warface.com.

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