Chucklefish reveals the Wargroove 2 announcement trailer, with classic tactical combat and a new pirate commander and combat systems.

Developers Chucklefish and Robotality have shared the announcement trailer for Wargroove 2, a much anticipated sequel that seems to take the series to the tropics on Nintendo Switch and PC. Wargroove 2 is set three years after the first game and, among other things, presents the introduction of local pirate Nadia as one of the new faction leaders. The game also promises three unique campaigns, all offering different perspectives on the same new conflict.

Chucklefish seems to be emphasizing that, even more than in the first game, this game will involve battling on sea and in the air alongside the classic land combat. The Wargroove 2 announcement trailer also hints at familiar characters like Queen Mercia returning for the sequel.

Wargroove 2 furthermore offers a new Groove system, which gives commanders the option to “supercharge” their special moves to turn the tide of a battle. Newcomer Nadia’s Groove appears to involve a fiery sword that can double as a phoenix-like whip, and we are likely to get more Groove styles announced as more commanders are revealed.

The game will have single, co-op, and PvP options for battles, similar to the series’s first entry. And players looking to customize battles will be happy to see the return of customizable maps and in-game editors that allow players to build, edit, and share their own battles and even campaigns. Additionally, there is a new Conquest mode, which turns the game into a roguelike: “Gold and health carry from skirmish to skirmish, and no unit is dispensable.”

Wargroove 2 does not yet have a release date, but anxious fans can currently wishlist the sequel on Steam.

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