Warhammer Online Gets New Classes Today


Players can get early access to the two new careers for Warhammer Online, the Orc Choppa and Dwarf Slayer, by participating in a new live event added to the game today.

Mythic is releasing the 1.2 patch for Warhammer Online today which will begin the game’s “Call to Arms” live expansion by adding a number of changes and fixes to the game, as well as a live event that will grant players who finish it access to the game’s two new careers. The two new careers, the Orc Choppa and Dwarf Slayer are “melee-focused careers [who] relish the thrill of fighting on the front lines and laying waste to all foes that come within reach of their mighty blades.”

The event you’ll have to finish to get early access to the careers is called “Bitter Rivals,” and apparently focuses on the nasty rivalry between the Dwarves and the Greenskins. Finish “Bitter Rivals,” and you’ll get to try out the new classes in a week – don’t do it and you’ll have to wait an entire week after that to get to Choppa’ing or Slaying, depending on your preference. Really, it’s not like finishing the new content will be getting you anything early, it just means you won’t be getting the new careers late. My guess is that anyone in WAR will probably do Bitter Rivals as soon as possible, so why hesitate at all?

Other changes to the game come in the form of a number of tweaks, fixes and balancing changes, easier Public Quests and a new Scenario called the Twisted Tower.

Servers will go down later today around 7:00 PM EST in North America and 9:00 PM EST in the rest of the Warhammer playing world. They’ll be back up with a couple hours if all goes well, so if you’re eager for new WAR content, just be patient and it’ll be there soon enough.

To all the WAR strays – will this (along with all the other new content Mythic has coming down the line) be sufficient to get you interested in the game again? Or will it just serve to satisfy those who are still playing the game and only them?

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