The MMO goes fully F2P for one last hurrah before closing for good.

Now that games exist in electronic states of flux, reports of them closing down happen as regularly as celebrity obituaries. Unlike aging stars, games get to announce their deaths in advance, which allows them to whip up a good and proper party before going dark. On its fifth anniversary, EA Mythic announced the impending death of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. A game based around a world of violence will not simply go quiet into the night. Instead, it’s opening up the doors to previous players, becoming truly free-to-play and partying until the apocalypse comes.

Previously, Warhammer Online used the more restrictive “unlimited trial” model, rather than some sort of F2P monetization. However, that will all vanish for the next few weeks. Effective immediately, any account, past or present, will be welcomed back with full access. “We will be adding new NPC’s to the game in order to power up your characters as well as other unique experiences for everyone to enjoy as we say goodbye to Warhammer Online over the next few weeks,” EA Mythic proclaims, “So please join us and help say goodbye to Warhammer Online in one last big WAAAGH!”

If you’re an MMO tourist who wants to wander through WAR‘s battlefields for the first and last time, you’re out of luck, as the system to set up new accounts as been disabled. This will be a wake for veterans only. Meanwhile, the party will last until both Order and Chaos gods alike are consumed by darkness on December 18th.

Source: EA Mythic

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