Warhammer Online Puts the Bite on the Food Network


Do you like Warhammer Online? Do you like cake? The two come crashing together on tonight’s episode of Ace of Cakes, which will feature one of the ugliest and coolest bits of baked goods to ever come out of an oven.

Modeled after the Squig of Warhammer Online fame, the cake was originally made for the Baltimore Games Day event that was held in May. Fans who didn’t happen to be around for springtime in Baltimore will have a second chance to get an eyeful of this great red monstrosity on the Food Network tonight (that’s August 27) at 10 pm EST, with an encore presentation at 1 am Friday.

This thing looks more like an oversized toy (assuming your child has a taste for the truly repugnant) than a cake, which I guess is the point, because Ace of Cakes host Duff Goldman says it’s the best thing he’s ever made on the show. “We made a cake of a monster called Squig from a video game called Warhammer for a video-game convention,” he told USA Today. “This thing was about the size of large sheepdog. It was gigantic. It was a humongous cake balanced on two legs.”

The trouble with this kind of culinary creation is that it ends up transcending mere food and moving into the realm of art, which would leave me feeling horribly guilty about eating it. (But I’d still eat it. I likes me my cake.)

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