The newest expansion will allow players to jump up to level 90, build keeps as well as bring higher-detailed models to the nine-year old game.

The fifth expansion for World of Warcraft has been announced at BlizzCon, and it’s Warlords of Draenor. The game will allow travel to the new setting of Draenor, natch, during the time of the old Horde’s conquest of the realm and the chance to encounter historic characters of the time such as Ner’zhul and Blackhand. Other features are an increased level cap of 100 and a feature that lets players boost one character right to level 90, so they can explore all the new content without high-level monsters playing hacky sack with their body. Of course, this comes on top of the additional dungeons, loot, raids, enemies and pvp zones to encounter.

Higher detailed player character models will also be made to spruce up the look of the now nine-year old game. Players will also be able to build and upgrade a garrison on Draenor, complete with specialized buildings like armories, farms and workshops. Players can then recruit NPC allies and followers who can perform services such as going on missions and collecting resources.

If you’re one of the lucky few at BlizzCon, you’ll get the chance to try out the game right on the show floor. In traditional Blizzard fashion, an exact release date hasn’t been announced yet, but it’ll certainly be done “when it’s ready.”

Source: Blizzard, The Wall Street Journal

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