Warner Bros. Confirms Justice League Movie


Zack Snyder will direct the epic team-up of DC Comics superheroes

The worst kept secret in the blockbuster biz is a secret no more.

From the moment Warner Bros. Pictures announced last year at SDCC that they intended to follow Man of Steel with a Batman/Superman team-up movie (still referred to by the unofficial title Batman Vs. Superman) featuring a new incarnation of Batman unrelated to the recently-completed Dark Knight Trilogy; fans have treated the idea that a Justice League film (and a DC Cinematic Universe to rival Disney/Marvel’s) would be next as a foregone conclusion. That speculation only increased when Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman, and recently reached fever-pitch when Ray Fisher picked up the role of Cyborg.

Now they’ve made it official. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, WB’s head of worldwide production Greg Silverman confirmed that the film is planned as the follow-up to the first Man of Steel sequel. Ben Affleck (as Batman,) Henry Cavill (as Superman,) Gadot and Fisher are all expected to continue their respective roles; with other heroes presumably yet to be announced. No storyline, script or screenwriter has been announced. Zack Snyder is expected to return as director.

First appearing in 1960 (as The Justice League of America,) The League was DC Comics’ Silver Age successor to the popular Golden Age team The Justice Society. The foundational “supergroup” of DC Universe, The League has continued to exist for decades of comics publication in multiple incarnations with a rotating roster of heroes that usually (but not always) includes the “trinity” of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Warner Bros. has other projects involving League-affiliated DC characters either running or in-production, including Arrow and the upcoming Flash on TV plus the long-gestating Shazam movie, but thus far have been reluctant to unify these franchises.

No release date has been set for Justice League. Batman Vs. Superman is currently set for a May 2016 bow.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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